Saturday, February 16, 2008

Active military + donations = Ron Paul?

Many of you know that my brother is serving in a specialized unit in the armed forces, already having experienced several tours in Iraq/Afghanistan in a short amount of time.

Given my personal interest in this so-called "War on Terror", and given my support of Ron Paul for president, I find it fascinating that Ron Paul consistently receives more financial support from active military donors than for any other presidential candidate. I believe this is for several reasons: 1) Many active duty military personnel don't agree with the premise that we went into Iraq because it was a direct threat to our nation's security 2) They don't want to be in a place indefinitely in a nation building capacity (as John McCain has proposed) 3) They trust Ron Paul's word that he would refocus the military on defending the greatest threats to our nation's security 4) They know that Ron Paul would seek to procure greater health care and other related benefits for them once they retire, without bankrupting our country (i.e. drastically cut the size of government).

Obviously, Ron Paul will not win the nomination. However, I believe these donations send a very strong message to those who would seek to be our Commander-in-Chief - namely, that the Constitution matters and that our fighting men and women should not be used and discarded!

The video below illustrates one of the many reasons why I believe Ron Paul is the ONLY qualified candidate to be Commander-in-Chief.


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