Friday, July 18, 2008

I Cannot Keep Living Things Alive!

Most of you didn't know that we had two goldfish. That's because we only had them for 24 hours! Just so you know, for future reference, I have a very hard time keeping things alive! This does not apply to my children, but to most other living things.

Anyway, Ryan's great-aunt Betty gave us these fish. She saved them from certain destruction at the hands of those who run her assisted-living facility. She knew the children would love them, and they did. But she discounted my participation!

The water was getting cloudy on Monday morning, so I changed the water. Apparently, you're supposed to use distilled or filtered water and, according to my friend Candi, only supposed to change 20% at one time. I didn't know all of this at the time. I simply assumed that I put them back in room temperature tap water. Lesson learned!

We had a remembrance service for them, and I thought James did an excellent job delivering the eulogy. Maybe he will be a preacher as my mother-in-law predicts! Here it is for your enjoyment!


Candace said...

Dear James and Evelyn,

I liked your funeral for the fish. It was funny when they went down the toilet.

From: Zachary (5 years old)
(Friend of James and Evelyn)

cj said...

I am HOWLING at the eulogy! Too cute!

Our pastor and wife up in ME asked us to watch their fish "Windows" while they went on vacation several years ago. The fish was looking a little wobbly when they handed him over and died the next day. I felt terrible. They had that fish in their possession for YEARS.

Once while teaching one of their sons, they had to write a journal entry about their favorite pet or something like that. He told of the whole experience and said, "I guess it was curtains for Windows." Too funny.

He would always tell his friends when they went on vacation to NOT let Mrs. Joos watch them. It was our running joke.

kamelda said...

The most moving funeral service for a fish I ever saw.

Many thanks for the link to your blog Dovey. It's truly delightful.