Friday, July 18, 2008

Jefferson Update

I'm going to start keeping up with my blog a little more since people have been asking about our family and often about Jefferson. I'm not going to go into his history here, but as I write about him, I'm sure that details will come out such that you'll soon be able to piece the entire story together.

Along those lines, I cooked his chicken today. I have to cook an entire chicken about every other day. Most weeks that means that I cook 3-4 chickens! I either roast them or cook them overnight in the crock-pot. If I cook them in the crock-pot, I don't bother making broth because the chicken falls apart. Also, I have more chicken broth than you could probably imagine in my freezer. :-)

Today, as I "stripped the chicken" (my description of my frequent activity), I became rather discouraged. This is the same bowl I use most times, but, usually, the chicken almost overflows the bowl. Sometimes, I even have to get a second container. Not so this time. In other words, Saturday night, I'll be cooking more chicken. :-(

Today, I still have to bake some squash for him and steam cubed zucchini. He's been getting better at eating asparagus and mushrooms. In fact, often he'll eat those before the meat! He really prefers his vegetables over his meat. I guess that's good -- just more cooking!

I'll start him on green beans tomorrow. They were listed as a sensitivity on his blood work. So, I will need to keep a closer eye on his physical condition. I'm excited though to add in more green veggies!

Here's a video of Jefferson saying his newest words, "Dada" and "Mama". Especially since he's about 1 year behind on saying these words, they are very precious to us.

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