Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jefferson Update

Well, we started green beans on Saturday and...the jury's still out. Yesterday, after breakfast, Jefferson's lower face and forehead was completely broken out in hives. The same things happened after lunch and then dinner. With the breakfast incident, I thought it was my fault. You see, Evelyn dropped her milk glass and it shattered, spilling the milk inside. I had to clean her up thoroughly. In the meantime, Jefferson finished his breakfast and was making it quite clear that he wanted to get down! So...as soon as I finished wiping up the spill, I rinsed my hands, grabbed his washcloth to wash him up and got him down. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to THOROUGHLY wash my hands with soap. I only gave them a quick rinse, and Jefferson is HIGHLY allergic to dairy. So, I figured the hives were my fault because he had come into contact topically with them. Why then did he break out after lunch and dinner?

This morning, I gave him green beans. He still broke out. So, for lunch, I did not give him any. He was still broken out after lunch but less so. So...the jury's still out. See what I mean?

On a more positive note, he started saying "Grandpa" this morning. I think he's also saying "Grandma". It just happens to be "Mama"! Grandpa seems to be more of a "Bapa", but he often says "Mama" with it. He did it all while pretending to talk on the phone. I would ask him if it was Grandpa, and he would nod vigorously. When he said "Mama", I asked if it was Grandma, and he said, "Ohhhhhhhhhh" in his "Oh, I see" voice!

Always happy for little improvements! He has his first speech/feeding therapy on Thursday. I'll try to update everyone!

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