Wednesday, November 28, 2007

0 -- "I'm Just a Big Nuthin"

That's how I feel. Here I start this blog and then I can't even keep up with posting on a regular basis. Anyone else have this problem?

For those of you who didn't reconize the quote, it's from the Math Circus by LeapFrog. We've been listening to LeapFrog videos quite a bit in our house and I'm now quoting from them. Scary, huh? Ah, the life of a homeschooling mom!

We've had quite a few things happen in our lives the past few months. I won't go into much detail. But 2 weeks ago, we discovered that my oldest boy, Reader Rabbit (RR), needed glasses! Not just any glasses, but bifocals! The jury is still out on whether he will also need vision therapy in conjunction with the glasses. But doesn't he look adorable?

If anyone else is a perfectionist out there, then they will understand why I haven't been posting. I've heard that with perfectionists, often their house is worse than others. That's true. It's hard for me to do something partially if it can't be done completely the right way at one time. Thus, nothing much gets done. With 3 kids, 5 and under there aren't many opportunities to do things completely, the right way, at one time!

Hence the reason that my Ron Paul posts have not been posted. I want to write the entire article and then submit it little by little. That will not happen, so I'm just going to need to do it and let the results fall where they may.

I went to the library the other night with all 3 children, waiting for my husband in a meeting. I even took along my laptop, thinking that I would write more on my Ron Paul article. I edited the first bit and wrote all of two sentences! So much for all at one time!

Oh, and I've decided that the lovely desk from this post will have to remain in its' current state. Thankfully, my husband agrees, that for the moment, homeschooling, food preparation, house cleaning and holiday preparations need to be our/my focus. So, I'm officially dropping out of the 30-day organizational challenge!

More later....


Catherine said...

It's good they caught your son's vision problem early. My little brother started wearing bifocals when he was 3 years old, but now he doesn't have to wear them.

Homemaker05 said...

I'm soooo glad you are back! I've been checking in on you daily! I don't know if you are familiar with Flylady (I don't always recommend her because I haven't been happy with the "self" focus she promotes these days ~ as a seeming Christian I would rather see her encouraging us to be God focused), but she does have a lot of good to say about cleaning and if that will help you I encourage you to check out

Anyway, the reason I brought her up at all is that she has this saying... "Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family!" (This may not be an exact quote, but it's the right idea.) I don't know if she says this one or not, but I like to add that *Housework done INCOMPLETELY still blesses your family!*

A perfect example? Well... I decluttered today... but I didn't get it all done. It looks so much better though. Last night while my son was in the bath, I cleaned the bathroom...except for the floor (I still smile when I go in, even though the floor still needs to be done). If I were to take my own advice and wipe down the kitchen floor (even for 2 minutes a day), it would eventually look nice and I would love the parts that were done. :)

I hope this encourages you! I fall into your same boat (though I am truly a lazy perfectionist by birth), but I have been learning that one cupboard door wiped clean each day will eventually get the job done. :)

Dovey said...

Homemaker05, thanks for your kind comments! I was amazed that someone actually missed me. BTW, did you write my comment first and then post or post and then past it here?! It worked anyway! I read Sink Reflections awhile ago and signed up for e-mails, but it was too invading -- so many e-mails a day. I just have too many things right now that need two minutes a day. I have a hard time prioritizing.

Dovey said...

Catherine, thanks for the encouragement about your brother. We need it right now. :-)

Anonymous said...

This is for all of you out there reading Dovey's comments on her house. Don't let her fool you. Her house always looks great! She is after all a perfectionist and therefore doesn't see that her house is actually very neat and clean and organized. :) She should come see my house, even after I've "cleaned" it...oh, well. Dovey, I am enjoying reading your blog. And don't be so hard on yourself. As my mom always tells me, "Don't second guess yourself. Just pray and trust that your children will not remember the times when you have not been your best. They will remember the good times with you and your husband."
Love and prayers,