Monday, November 12, 2007

Ron Paul Series

So sorry to those of you who have been waiting for my views on Ron Paul. As I was writing out what I was going to say, it kept getting longer and longer and....Well, you get the point.

Anyways, since what I am going to be posting also represents my husband, since he is the one who has led me in this direction, I want to make sure that I do not misrepresent him and his views. He is on business for the first part of this week, so I will not post until he returns and has a chance to edit my deliberations.

Since it is so long, I will be making it a series and will be open for any friendly dialogue. The first post will be explaining my journey into supporting Ron Paul. If you absolutely cannot wait to read from a supporter of Ron Paul, let me direct you to this site. Chuck Baldwin is a Baptist pastor who is an outspoken supporter of Ron Paul. You'll find many enlightening articles on his site (to help stem your curiosity!). You may even find him quoted on my site from time to time!

Thanks for your patience.

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Mrs. Elliott said...

Nice to *meet* another Ron Paul supporter! I look forward to reading about your journey, my husband first introduced me to Ron Paul too.