Saturday, November 3, 2007


You may wonder about my choice of names for my blog. Deliberations? Well, first of all, the obvious -- it sounds great with my name! That's why my husband liked it. It describes me well though. defines it as "careful consideration before decision". It also means to "weigh and consider well". All those definitions describe what I do when I think through issues, topics, theories, methods, etc. Although the definition that my husband probably thinks is very descriptive of me is "leisureliness of movement or action; slowness". Not that I'm slow, mind you. No, indeed. I can be very, very fast. But...when I'm thinking or considering or "deliberating" anything, I don't seem to be able to accomplish much. So, everything that I do then is slow or leisurely. Also, if you want me to make a decision or start a new project or use a new method, I must "weigh and consider it well"! That means I'm slow! There you go! It makes a great name and it's a great description. This will be my new excuse in life. I love it!

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Catherine said...

Hi! I'm glad you started a blog! :) My husband is the deliberate one in our family, and I've really learned a lot from his careful and thoughtful way of approaching decisions and issues. It makes a great balance to my more split-second methods!