Thursday, November 8, 2007


I absolutely LOVE homeschooling! I feel like I've been doing it since my oldest was 3. It is so much fun and so rewarding to see the progress they make. I thought I would share a few photos.

This is my oldest after he said, in frustration, "You ONLY like my 14 and my 17?" I circle all his handwriting letters and numbers that deserve special recognition. Obviously, he disagreed with my choices.

This is my daughter as she watches the Letter Factory in the playroom during handwriting time with my oldest. That is the only facet of our schooling in which I don't include her. My attention needs to be on the oldest. By the way, we don't watch many videos, but the Letter Factory is one that we all LOVE! It's helped immensely in teaching my oldest his letters and words and my daughter is starting to pick up on it as well. Yay!

This is my oldest as he does his math work. Believe it or not, math is his favorite subject!

And here's GB as he tries to do school too!


Kara S. said...

I love the pictures! The first one is a classic! I've enjoyed reading your blog the past couple of days. It's given me some ideas for my own. :)

Dovey said...

Thanks for reading! How did you stumble onto my blog (out of curiosity)?

Kara S. said...

I noticed the link when you added it to your facebook page. :) Thanks for checking out my blog too. By the way, I answered your comment there. :)

Mrs. Elliott said...

Looks like you are having a blast homeschooling! In my first grade classroom during handwriting I let the kiddos choose two of their "best" letters to circle. Your son might really enjoy doing that part too. I've found the kids in my classroom are usually pickier than I am in the circling, and it helps them learn to notice the details. Just and idea!