Wednesday, November 7, 2007

30-Day Organizational Challenge

Okay, I asked my husband if he wanted me to participate in this , and he was definitely ALL for it! Needless to say, we have several areas in our home that could benefit from this. So I asked him if he would like me to reorganize the pantry, the hall closet, our closet (thinking small, mind you). No, of course not, he wants me to organize, declutter, clean and get ride of this!

Now this may not seem to be that big of a deal for many of you. biggest area of organizational mindblock is paper. This desk is FULL of paper. I didn't even show inside all of the drawers. Too much information. :-) Anyways, this challenge is to be done by 11:59 p.m. on November 30. My husband would like the desk to be completely gone by then, so I guess that my plan of attack needs to include putting an ad in the classifieds and actually selling the desk. If anyone is reading this and would like a gorgeous, LARGE, banker's desk, with the old pop-up shelf for a typewriter, please comment on this post. (Not that I have a huge readership yet, but, hey, I'm optimistic!) My goal is to spend about 20 minutes a day on this project, with or without kids. I'm also trying to do several other things for about 20 minutes a day, but this needs to be moving up in the priority list. Hopefully, I'll have success, and I'll keep posting about my progress. (I know that you'll all keep refreshing your browsers now!)

On a separate note, if anyone is a political junkie, I will have a post soon (hopefully by the end of the week) on why I am supporting Ron Paul. This has actually been a process for me and, hopefully, will be of interest to others. Stay tuned!


NeedANap2 said...

The desk is really nice, I'm sure someone will want it! How's your challenge going? I worked a little today (by making my oldest 2 lay down for a nap), but hope to have more done by the end of the weekend. Keep it up!

Dovey said...

My challenge is not going phenomenally well at this point. I have several different sticks in the fire right now, but, as I said, this needs to be one of my top priorities. Thanks for the encouragement!

Dawn said...

Good luck on the challenge. I think paper clutter is one of the hardest to keep under control. Just spend a short time each day and you'll have it done in no time. That desk looks really nice. I'm sure you'll find someone who wants it.

Org Junkie said...

Hello and thanks for joining the challenge! I hope it is going well for you and you have been able to dedicate your 20 minutes to it. I love that you are doing this for hubbie!

Good luck,