Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Food Progress

Yay!!!!!!!!! My youngest, Goofy Boy (GB) -- seen here with his Uncle Blake, is finally eating textured foods! At least one textured food, anyway. For those of you who do not know, our GB has given us nothing but trouble when it comes to food and health. He has had moderate to severe eczema since he was born, and I have not given up hope (or stopped praying) that he will overcome this. We've tried traditional medicine (as far as I would let it go) and alternative medicine without any success. I've just taken matters into my own hands now. After his anaphylactic reaction to yogurt, I figured that he was probably allergic to milk. (ya' think?) So I thought that there were probably other things in my diet that he was allergic to as well. (I was/am still nursing him.) So I removed all possible allergens from his diet and am observing him very closely. I finally started him on grains (millet) 2 weeks ago, but last weekend, I noticed that his eczema seemed to be flaring up slightly, so I removed the millet. He also dropped one more feeding yesterday (only 1 feeding per day now), and this morning, his eczema was much improved. Now it does go through phases and I'm not putting too much weight on this improvement, but it does give one cause to hope, doesn't it? Well, I'm still pureeing all of his food because he seems to choke/gag on any slight chunk. Today, I gave him some of the split pea soup that I made for the kids last night. I did not puree it, thinking it was mostly mush -- albeit chunky mush. He didn't choke/gag! I was very careful at first, especially with garlic chunks, onions, split pea halves, etc., but he didn't flinch! I'll be keeping you up to date regarding our Thanksgiving vacation. I have the wonderful privilege of taking all of my own pureed food with us. It will be an adventure! Please join me!

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